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The Stephens Law Firm PLLC aggressively represents workers who have been denied their rightful pay or who have been subjected to unlawful discrimination or harassment in the workplace. The Stephens Law Firm PLLC fights for workers who have not received their fair pay, or have been discriminated against or harassed in the workplace. ***Attorney Advertisement***


Photo of Glendoval Stephens

Glendoval Stephens

Managing Attorney at The Stephens Law Firm PLLC

Glendoval Stephens has practiced law since 1992 and has been a member of the New York bar since 1994. Mr. Stephens is experienced in litigating civil matters before both the bench and juries.

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Photo of Thailary Lim

Thailary Lim


Ms. Lim is an experienced personal injury attorney handing automobile accidents, trip and falls, slip and falls, and other premises liability claims. Ms. Lim is a fluent speaker of Cambodian.

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Photo of Devian Daniels

Devian Daniels

Attorney of Counsel

Ms. Daniels is an experienced employment benefits attorney. She works closely with the clients of The Stephens Law Firm PLLC to obtain the unemployment benefits to which they are entitled.

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Arbitration & Mediation
Class & Collective Actions
Employment Discrimination
Family & Medical Leave
Federal, New York & New Jersey Litigation Immigrant Rights (Including Visa Petitions)
Minimum Wage & Overtime
Personal Injury
Sexual Harassment
Unemployment Benefits
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